New Sheldrake Lake Park

Our subdivision playground is due for repairs and a major upgrade. HRM staff have been out to look at the site and gave us a budget and some suggestions for our park. The Sheldrake Lake Homeowners Association will be looking at meeting at the end of the month to talk further about our park upgrades and will be looking for feedback.

Here are some examples that would fit in your budget.

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Cancer Kicker’s – Bottle Drive – May 31, 2015

The Cancer Kickers will be in here with a truck from 10:00-1:00. We will have the truck parked outside our house. image
This is the boys third year doing this, coming out on top two years in a row raising $20 000 in those two years. They have had support from our subdivision before so if they could donate bottles and a money donations are accepted as well!
All money raised goes back to the community.

Sheldrake Lake Community Maple Project

What could be more Canadian than maple syrup?
When the daytime temperatures are above zero but the nights remain frosty, Canadians know it’s time for the sweet treat that is naturally made in our own backyards. One of the great things about our backyards is that it is filled with maple trees and it is the goal of the Sheldrake Lake Home Owners Association to tap our community.

The Sheldrake Lake Community Maple Project hopes to tap over 30 trees this spring. This community project will engage our families and educate our children with workshops on how to tap, boil and develop an understanding of the value of maple syrup in our communities. With no cost to the homeowners, each participant will be given a Maple Tree tapping kit and information on how to get started.

If interested, please reply to this email or attend or meeting March 30th 2015 at 7:30PM at 111 Mallard Drive.

Christmas Carole Sing-Along – December 18th. 2014


Christmas Carole Sing-Along – December 18th.
Snow Dates: December 22nd/23rd

It was discussed it would be fun to have a sing-along to celebrate the holiday season.  We will begin at 101 Sheldrake Cresent where we will have hot chocolate or hot cider so bring your favorite travel mug.

Date: December 18th
Time: 6:00PM
Location: 101 Sheldrake Crescent

Don’t forget to bring a travel mug for cocoa or cider to take as we walk around caroling.

Halloween Party 2014


October’s days are running out.

The time is drawing near —

for witching and hobgobbling,

for giggles and for fear.

Wear a cute scary costume.

Recite your “trick or treat.”

For on October 26th

who knows just what you’ll meet…?!

October 26th. Rain Date: November 1st. At the community park 2:00PM

Join us for games, crafts and treats!  A trick for a treat…

Fall AGM 2014


Proposed Agenda
7:30PM – 8:30PM

Welcome New Members
Financial Reports
Outgoing Members/New Executive

Subdivision updates/issues
Upcoming ideas/projects

  • Sheldrake Lake Park Restoration Projects
  • Community Maple Sap Collection
  • Cul-de-sac plow issues
  • Community Gardens
  • Events

Open discussion -closing

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

holiday-christmasBest wishes to you and your family for the holidays.

Another exciting year for Sheldrake Lake will come to an end and we want to take the opportunity to thank you for your continued support of our association and its commitment to our community.

The men and women on our association are quietly doing the many jobs that insure that our community spirit is maintained and embrace. The association has made great achievement this year, which was not possible without the board volunteers and cooperation of everyone in Sheldrake Lake.

We hope that you and your family experience a very Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year and continue to find gratitude, peace and enjoyment in all of your endeavours in the coming year.

John Bignell

Happy Halloween

I wish to commend the hard work of our Homeowners Association and the volunteers for enthusiastically collaborating once again to stage another great halloween party this year. Also, I would like to thank HRM District 13 Councillor Matt Whitman for his sponsorship and support of our community event.


Throughout the years, our subdivision has had resoundingly successful events in our park and our Halloween Party is another example of the community spirit that runs deep in our subdivision.

During the planning meetings, and while at the event, a few suggested a Christmas Party or other winter events in the park. I welcome any ideas or suggestions and would like to bring everyone together in November to discuss further and make plans. Please let me know what you think and forward your ideas and thoughts.


Happy Halloween,

John Bignell

Sheldrake Lake Halloween Party

Residents are invited to grab their spooky neighbors and creepy friends and c’mon down in costume on October 26, 2013 at 1:30 for fun, adventure and scary treats at the Sheldrake Lake Park and howl away the afternoon.

how-to-bake-pumpkin-seeds-1Date: October 26, 2013
Time: 1:30AM
Location: Sheldrake Lake Park, Hubley

Sheldrake Halloween Party – Oct 26

Sheldrake Lake Halloween Party

Residents are invited to grab their spooky neighbors and creepy friends and c’mon down in costume on October 26, 2013 at 1:30  for fun, adventure and scary treats at the Sheldrake Lake Park and howl away the afternoon.

Halloween Planning Meeting
Date: October 21, 2013
Time: 7:30PM
Location: 111 Mallard Drive

Please come and help plan our Halloween event. We need a lot of helpers… including youth! Hope to see you there. Don’t worry, the meeting won’t be too long. We will be talking about BBQ, food, games, your ideas? To volunteer to help out with preparations for the event, email:

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