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New Sheldrake Lake Park

Our subdivision playground is due for repairs and a major upgrade. HRM staff have been out to look at the site and gave us a budget and some suggestions for our park. The Sheldrake Lake Homeowners Association will be looking at meeting at the end of the month to talk further about our park upgrades and will be looking for feedback.

Here are some examples that would fit in your budget.

11×17 3D Rendering LH648_40645691586_1

11×17 3D Rendering LH648_41736680602_1

11×17 3D Rendering LH648_42039724433_1

11×17 3D Rendering LH648_42121537708_1

11×17 3D Rendering LH648_40549550729_1

11×17 3D Rendering LH648_41289130451_1

11×17 3D Rendering LH648_41767441192_1

11×17 3D Rendering LH648_41767448542_1

Sheldrake Lake Community Maple Project

What could be more Canadian than maple syrup?
When the daytime temperatures are above zero but the nights remain frosty, Canadians know it’s time for the sweet treat that is naturally made in our own backyards. One of the great things about our backyards is that it is filled with maple trees and it is the goal of the Sheldrake Lake Home Owners Association to tap our community.

The Sheldrake Lake Community Maple Project hopes to tap over 30 trees this spring. This community project will engage our families and educate our children with workshops on how to tap, boil and develop an understanding of the value of maple syrup in our communities. With no cost to the homeowners, each participant will be given a Maple Tree tapping kit and information on how to get started.

If interested, please reply to this email or attend or meeting March 30th 2015 at 7:30PM at 111 Mallard Drive.

Water Quality Report on Sheldrake Lake

Bob Chambers demonstrates water sampling device during home owners meeting in the park.

Please take note of the following reports on water quality in the upper lakes of the Woodens River Watershed. This fall we will be circulating a less technical newsletter on these matters.

WRWEO has been especially fortunate to have the volunteer services of Bob Chambers over the last decade. He has conducted careful, extensive and intensive monitoring of key limnological variables on a number of lakes in the Woodens River Watershed. Two key reports are now available on the wrweo website: select tab for Aquatic Habitat & Water Quality on the left side of the home page or go directly to the following:

A report to Woodens River Watershed Environmental Organization by Bob Chambers, 2008. (PDF Document 1 MB). It includes data on oxygen, temperature, phosphorus, secchi disk, chlorophyll a and color for 8 lakes (Cranberry, Black Point, Frederick, Five Island, Hubley Big, Long, Sheldrake and Birch Hill) taken 2000-2002.

Report for Highway 113

Good Day,

The Environmental Assessment Report for highway 113 is now available. Proposed is the construction of a four-lane, controlled access highway connecting Highway 102, near Exit 3 (Hammonds Plains), and Highway 103, just west of Exit 4 (Sheldrake Lake), Halifax County.Highway 113

I would draw your attention to the official website. In particular please note the flow-chart of events, triggered by this Report.

The public is invited to submit responses on or before 22-Feb-2010. (

Please encourage your residents to read the entire Report and submit their comments before the cut off date.

Thank you

Joanne Bishop
Sheldrake Heights.