The mission of the Sheldrake Lake Homeowners Association is to be an advocate for residents on issues that affect the quality of life in Sheldrake Lake Subdivision.  Further, the Association will foster relationships within and outside the community that allows all Residents to have a say in matters that affect them and their families.
The Sheldrake Lake Homeowners Association acts as a steward to protect, preserve and enhance the quality of life and property of the Residents of the community.  The Association is registered as a society under the Registry of Joint Stocks, Province of Nova Scotia, 2008.


  • To provide a forum for community action within our Community
  • To inform all Residents of events, activities and news that may impact our Community.
  • To inform Residents and bond neighbourhoods together across all boundaries.
  • To provide quality recreation in natural settings for the convenience of the Residents.
  • To promote a safe and healthy environment for all Residents.
  • To monitor government and its agencies as they my impact our community and lifestyle.
  • To promote the Association and act as a unified voice to obtain goals for the good of the Subdivision.
  • To facilitate the honouring of covenants that were in affect when we purchased in the Subdivision, for example R1 Zoning restrictions, single family dwellings, signage, etc.
  • To monitor the providing of services and benefits for the use of the Community.
  • To work with developers and local government to ensure responsible growth of the Community.
  • To present and sponsor social, cultural and other events for the enrichment of our Community.

Our Mission and Objectives (Goals) provide a good idea of what we are about and demonstrate the benefits for our Residents.  Some problems that you may encounter are barking dogs, loud parties, grass too long in the playground, fallen trees, holes in the roadways, noisy vehicles – these types of issues can all be addressed by either the RCMP, (phone # 826-3100) or HRM (phone # 490 4000).  If you do not receive satisfaction and it is a major concern, present it at the Homeowners Meeting and perhaps with greater numbers, we can get the problem resolved.  It is hoped that we can all work on projects together, projects that come as a result of Residents/Members input and help.  Please remember, we are all volunteers and as such, we are donating our time to our community.  If you have any ideas or suggestions, please drop us an email at hana@sheldrakelake.com so we can help to improve our Community and attend Homeowner meetings.