Subdivision History

Written by John Hunt

The owners of the land, that is now known as Sheldrake Lake Subdivision, were the late George Piercey and his brother, the late Reginald Piercey. Both men had a reputation of being the most honest businessmen anyone could ever meet. Aside from owing this land, they also owned the land which is now known as Sheldrake Heights.

The surveying for Sheldrake Lake subdivision began in 1971. Road access was cleared in 1972 but the roads were not paved until 1983.

In early spring of 1973 several couples purchased lake front lots on Sheldrake Crescent and began clearing the land. Unfortunately, they quickly found out that the land did not have a clear title and therefore they were not able to secure a mortgage. Without title to their land they could not build here and most moved elsewhere.

One family decided to buy a lot on the opposite side of the street where there was not a problem with the title search. By spring of 1975, the lake lots went through a tax sale and the lots were officially available for purchase.

The first two home built here were at 69 and 93 Sheldrake Crescent. John and Margie Hunt moved into their home at 69 Sheldrake Crescent in October 1973. Knud and Beverly Carlsen moved into their home at 93 Sheldrake Crescent just before Christmas 1973. Both families have relocated to other properties within our subdivision since then.

For your interest, lots back in 1973 sold for $2,000 to $2,500 with the lakefront lots selling for $3,500 to $4,000.