Annual General Meeting Minutes 2014


September 21st, 2014 – 111 Mallard Drive 1900hrs

In Attendance:                    Beverly Carlsen

Brenna Frasier

Imbert Allen

Peter Chartier

Shelley Smith

John Bignell (Thanks to John & Kellie for hosting the meeting)

Kellie Bignell

Marc Bruyère

Lynn Bruyère

Emily Clarke

Elizabeth Anthony

Call to Order:                        1940hrs


  1. Finance Report – presented by Brenna, Treasurer

At present we have $826.56 in our bank account. We pay $2.50/month in fees for bank maintenance. Our joint stock registration is the only other fee we pay annually. It is recommended we start collecting dues again if we plan on hosting community events and/or initiating special projects; such as community gardens etc.

John mentioned that our councillor, Matt Whitman, has a discretionary fund up of to $5,000, which we may also have access to. We will need to have a proposal and solid project plan.

Motion to approve the Finance Report: Brenna Seconded: Lynn Motion Approved.


  1. Playground – Open discussion led By John, President

The City owns the playground property so we are limited as to what we can do with it without connecting with HRM. Our councillor, Matt, will help us with this process. The playground needs much work and also need to be updated. The front wall is in disrepair, the boards surrounding the play areas are dangerous. Many residents from our neighbourhood have called and complained about the disrepair. Some things have been fixed, but there still remains important work. All agreed the playground needs upgrading and the Barbeque pit needs to be removed and/or repaired by the City. Beverly mentioned that we cannot have an unsafe environment and the children need to play safe. John is thinking we should put together a recreation proposal, and perhaps include a community garden area. Beverly asked if we procure money from Matt Whitman this year; can we have access that same fund each year? John will find the answers from Matt.


ACTION: John to contact Matt Whitman to see what we can do to get the park finished and safe for our families. John will take pictures of the rotting wood and send to Matt as evidence of the disrepair.

ACTION: Residents can call HRM to lodge a complaint about the park, which may help us get it fixed faster?

ACTION: Lynn to compose a letter to go to Matt (through John) regarding the liability around the disrepair of the playground.


  1. Aeration Open Discussion led by John, President

Discussion Question: Do we revive the project or sell off the equipment and use the shed for storage?

This question needs to be presented with facts and figures to the entire community for a decision.

It seems a shame that the equipment is there to continue the project to make our Lake a healthier water way. John would like to continue the project with an analysis of costs, etc. Elizabeth’s son is a mechanical engineer and Elizabeth will ask him is he’s interested in helping us. This would make a great school project for engineering students. Peter wonders if we do move forward how effective will the project be because we are influenced by the other Lakes. Will the aeration work?


ACTION: John will put a committee together to research and develop a plan of action to present for a vote. If it’s not feasible we’ll sell off the equipment. John will again approach Matt Whitman and the City for funding.


  1. Cul-De-Sac

Some residents have complained about the mess the snowplough makes and that we should remove the islands. Others want the islands to stay. It was decided that this is not an Association issue, but one for HRM. We did discuss that putting up red markets may help the snowplough driver be more aware of the space which should prevent further damage.


Motion to approve the purchase of 8 street markers: John. Seconded: Shelley, Motion approved.

ACTION: John will purchase the red street markers and place them around the islands before the snow falls.


  1. Events –Elizabeth Anthony has offered to help with events.


Maple Syrup Tap – John proposes we engage the community a Maple Syrup Tap. Acadian Maple have offered their evaporator and are interested in helping us make this into an event, that we call can participate in. We could tap the trees and then get together for a pancake breakfast afterwards.

ACTION: John to send letter to community to ask for resident to commit to the event.


Halloween Party – October 26th. Rain Date: November 1st.

Budget: $100 for food, prizes, drinks.

ACTION: Brenna and Elizabeth to work on posters and messaging. We should get the message out by mid October.


Christmas Carole Sing-Along – December 18th. Snow Dates: December 22nd/23rd

It was discussed it would be fun to have a sing-along to celebrate the holiday season. It was voted in unanimously that this would be a fun event. Lynn & Marc have offered their home as a start and finish point with hot cider as a treat.

ACTION: Lynn will make copies of Christmas songs for the carollers.

ACTION: John will send a message to residents asking for singers and communicating the dates.


  1. Miscellaneous

Possible rat migrations? Because of the construction in Timberlea, residents have seen rats in the neighbourhood.

ACTION: John will send out a message with possible solutions to ridding our neighbourhood of the rats.



Motion to adjourn: John, Seconded: Brenna. Meeting closed @ 2105hrs.

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