Sheldrake Lake Community Maple Project

What I better way to spend the winter then with friends and neighbors at the a community sugar shack?  If you would like specific information about the Community Maple ProgramEvent_MapleSyrup, or would like to volunteer yourself or your Maple trees. Spring is the time when sap flows again in maple trees.

The Sheldrake Lake Community Maple Project brings people back into the woods in the earliest spring days, and plays an active part igniting a maple renaissance that could have economic impact across Nova Scotia. Sap is an all-natural beverage with just a hint of sweetness. Early in the season you can drink the sap fresh from the tree, perhaps filtering out the bugs first! Maple sap is packed with minerals like calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, and zinc. If it’s a cold day and you want a warm beverage, heat it up and steep your tea in some hot sap. Another way to add a little sweetness to your day is to replace water with sap when making your coffee in the morning.

The Sheldrake Lake Homeowners will pilot our idea to tap our Community’s Maples and develop maple education program for our community. We will work directly with many of the experienced neighbors that tap every spring and with Acadian Maple, in Tantallon, so that we can  develop this into an annual event.

The Sheldrake Lake Community Maple Project hopes to tap over 30 trees this spring. This community project will engage our families and educate our children with workshops on how to tap, boil and develop an understanding of the value of maple syrup in our communities. With no cost to the homeowners, each participant will be given a Maple Tree tapping kit and information on how to get started.

If interested, please reply to this email or attend or meeting March 30th 2015 at 7:30PM at 111 Mallard Drive.

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