Sheldrake Lake Subdivision is located at exit 4 of the 103 highway. It is 17 kilometers from downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia. We choose to live here because we like living close to nature and still have the conveniences of the city near by. There are about ninety houses in our Subdivision, built over a period of thirty years. Each home has its own well and septic system.

The history of our subdivision goes back almost forty years. The land was developed by Reg and George Piercey of Piercey Investors in 1971. The first families moved in just around Christmas, 1973. At that time there was just a gravel road (Sheldrake Crescent), no mail boxes and no playground. Over the years the subdivision grew. First new roads, new homes and then paved roads. The residents of Sheldrake formed a Homeowners Association and through their efforts many projects were completed, the recreational lot/playground area being the largest.

The subdivision was built on the edge of Sheldrake Lake which is part of the Wooden’s River Watershed. The Subdivision is named after the lake and two of the main roads, Sheldrake Crescent and Mallard Drive, were named after the types of ducks that lived in the lake.

Sheldrake Lake used to be famous for mayflies and trout fishing. Over the years, WRWEO and the Homeowners Association have worked together to improve the quality of the lake. We presently have a trial aeration project in the works.

There is convenient shopping, libraries and other amenities only ten minutes in both directions. Exit 2 has Bayers Lake, a large shopping complex and exit 5 has Hubley Centre, Sobeys and Atlantic Superstore. Also, there are restaurants, gyms, veterinarians, gas stations, doctors offices, accountants, etc.

The elementary, junior high and high schools in the area are close by and there is school bus service available. The county school buses pick up and drop off in the Subdivision. There are preschools in the area, including one in our subdivision.

St Margaret’s Bay Medical Centre is just minutes away at the intersection of St. Margaret’s Bay Road and the Hammonds Plains Road at the Peggy’s Cove Road. There is a variety of doctors – family physicians, dentists and optometrist, etc.

There are many great places to walk and hike around here. There is the awesome BLT Trail. It is an old railroad that has been turned into a multipurpose trail used by walkers, bikers and ATVs.

Not far from Sheldrake Subdivision is a wheelchair accessible park – Jerry Lawrence Park (formerly the Lewis Lake Provincial Park).

Written by Beverly and Hana