Sheldrake Lake

Sheldrake Lake is located at exit 4 of the 103 highway. It is 17 kilometers from downtown Halifax. We choose to live here because we like living close to nature and still have the conveniences of the city near by. There are about ninety houses in our Subdivision, built over a period of thirty years. Each home has its own well and septic system.

The subdivision was built on the edge of Sheldrake Lake which is part of the Wooden’s River Watershed. The Subdivision is named after the lake and two of the main roads, Sheldrake Crescent and Mallard Drive, were named after the types of ducks that lived in the lake.

Sheldrake Lake used to be famous for mayflies and trout fishing. Over the years, WRWEO and the Homeowners Association have worked together to improve the quality of the lake. We presently have a trial aeration project in the works.


Sheldrake Lake is located at 44°39’59″N, 63°47’42″W in the St. Margaret’s Bay / Peggy’s Cove region of the Lighthouse Route, Halifax county.