Homeowner’s Assoc.

Join us June 5th for our Annual Community Yard Sale in the Sheldrake Lake Park.

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Why Online?

We’ve put our association online to provide you with a convenient source for current information. Here we can share ideas, get news and announcements, find important property and association documents, utilize the membership directory, and much more. All at the touch of your mouse!

We hope this web site helps get you connected with the Sheldrake Lake community. Lots of changes are planned for the future to make this a valuable amenity for the association. Start exploring by clicking on any of the topics listed on the site.

Why Join an Association?

A Neighborhood Association gets people together to establish a sense of
community for residents. We plan and promote activities beneficial to the area and provide a forum for discusson of local and city wide issues. A partnership is established with the city giving neighbors a stronger voice and greater control in improving the quality of life for themselves, their neighbors and their communities.

The Sheldrake Lake Homeowners Association is a group of residents in the Sheldrake Lake neighborhood who have joined together to improve property values, improve living conditions and improve the quality of life in Hubley through focusing on the following core objectives

  • Beautification of the neighborhood
  • Improving government relations through creation of a strong voice to
  • represent neighborhood concerns and issues
  • Improving public safety for the children, residents, and visitors to the neighborhood
  • Creating a community spirit through neighborhood and town events