The levels of phosphates are going down!

Aeration update

We were on a good path and the aeration was working for over 2 months! Thanks to all volunteers who helped over the years. Special thanks to Don who was checking on it every 3 days!

Unfortunately there was a problem with the generator and it had to be shut down (the oil was mixing with water). Another issue is that the oxygen is not being delivered properly to the bottom of the lake. It has got much more potential. The equipment will need to be modified. The WRWEO got a grant for testing and improving the system. They will have a professional looking at it soon.

The installation of the ventilation was postponed until WRWEO figures out what needs to be done.

Bob Chambers is still doing water testing at least once a week (it takes him about 5 hours!). He has got some interesting numbers for us: The levels of phosphates are going down – they are not sure why at this point. In 1991 it was 27 micrograms per litre. This year it is 2009 it is 11 micrograms per litre. They are not sure why the levels are lower. It could be a natural cycle of phosphates (levels change over the years) or because household products and fertilizers have lower levels of phosphates then they contained to 20 years ago, or because people are using less products with phosphates.

Tennis Anyone?

Hello everybody, I hope you are all enjoying the summer, finally we had a couple of nice days.
A couple of updates from Board members of Sheldrake Lake Homeowners Association.
Tennis tournament: We are trying to organize games and social events with Lake Of The woods. They come up with this idea:

I plan to hold a tennis tournament Saturday 25th July 10am – 1pm rain permitting. LOW park in Silver Birch Drive. Likewise if a gale is blowing we’ll call it off too. Luckily the event is in July so we should get perfect weather….

Anyone over 16 is invited to play. I’ll work out a play list on the day depending on who turns up. I have a couple of spare racquets if anyone needs to borrow – one will suit someone with massive hands (a long story) – the other is a smaller grip and should be okay for a lady.

The games will be kept short to give everyone as much playing time as possible – best of 5 games, sudden death at duece. Depending on how many show up it will either be doubles or singles.

It should be really good fun so please show up as anyone of any ability should enjoy it.

Bye for now

Councillor pays for new sign

Reg Rankin, District 22 Councillor, has offered to pay the full price forreg our subdivision sign!He will assist in the amount of $3,200.00 to fully cover the cost of the sign. It is generous of him and is very much appreciated. Thank you Cheryl for the work you did to make this happen!

The board members of Sheldrake Lake Homeowners Association

Information Session

Information Session: On May 25th at 7PM at Civic #36 Brant Streetimages
To be held by the Bay Road Fire Department H.R.M. Station # 59

For the Sheldrake Lake Home Owners Association

This session will be covering such things as:

  • Camp Fires
  • Outdoor burning
  • Burning Rules / Regulations
  • Also Included with this session will be:
  • Chimney Fires
  • Fire Place / Woodstove Safety
  • Fire Extinguishers (Use And Placement)

Aeration Project Update

Based on a 1985 recommendation by the Halifax Soil and Water Conservation Society, WRWEO has embarked on an ambitious project to restore the fish habitat in Sheldrake Lake. With the help of the Sheldrake Lake Homeowners assoications this old project is back on track. With volunteers from both groups the Sheldrake Lake Aeration Project has new life. The team meet tonight and changed the old oil and tested many of the aeration equipment that ran without an issue for 20mins. This Saturday at 10:00am the group is heading out into the lake to inspect the platform and underwanter Aeration gear. It is our hope and goal to be ready to run the system through the critical summer months this year from start to finish.

News – Ice by the mailboxes

Hi everybody, there was lots of ice on roads and by the mailboxes in the last couple of days. Watch your step. A few people complained to me about the conditions by the mailboxes. Post office apologizes for that I will send somebody to deal with the ice this afternoon – January 30th, 2008.

If you ever see similar problem feel free to call Post office and talk to the representative. They will send somebody as soon as possible. They consider it a priority.

Phone: 1-800-267-1177

Thanks Hana

Trees and power lines

Trees and power Lines
Trees add beauty and environmental benefits to our streets and landscapes. However, in winter, ice and snow combined with our windy conditions, can cause trees to break, sway or uproot, causing power outages and in some cases, damage to our homes. The only way to prevent this from occurring is to ensure there is sufficient clearance between the power lines and trees.

Nova Scotia Power will evaluate tree/power line conflicts on a case-by-case basis, but a good general rule to follow is to remove what NSPI refer to as Tall Zone trees (60 feet or more) within 20 feet of either side of the power lines. Then replant with Low Zone tree (trees that grow no taller than 15 feet). For over 40 recommended trees for planting near power lines, please visit

In the event that you do loose power service due a broken or uprooted tree, please remember trees in contact with power lines are potential safety hazards and can become a hazardous conductor of electric current. So, before attempting to remove or repair, please call Nova Scotia Power at 428-6230.

Crime Prevention Tips

With cooler weather on the way, now is a good time to make sure you are doing all you can to help protect your home and car from petty theft! Here are just a few tips to think about.

Most burglars enter homes through open or unlocked windows and doors. Be sure when you are not at home that all your windows and doors are locked. To determine how secure your home is, think like a robber. If you locked yourself out of your house could you easily break in? Do you have any objects in your yard that might assist a would-be thief? A ladder beside a garage could offer easy access to a second floor. Tools left outside could be used to break a window or pry open a door.

Lighting is a great deterrent for burglars. Indoor lighting lets the robber know that someone is home, while outdoor lighting diminishes places to hide.

Don’t hide your keys in a “secret place.” Instead, make a duplicate key and let a neighbor have it in case you lock yourself out.

When you go on vacation, neighbor to keep an eye on your house and pick up your mail and newspapers while you are gone. Use light timers that will automatically turn lights on and off at specific times.

Lock your car and don’t leave any valuables inside that will tempt a thief.

Report any suspicious activity to the police

Preparing for Hana

You should prepare for a hurricane like any other emergency. Begin with your personal emergency preparedness checklist.

Choose a shelter area for you and your family. A basement, storm cellar or closet beneath the stairs can provide good shelter in a severe storm. If none of these areas are available, sit underneath a sturdy piece of furniture on the ground floor and away from outside walls and windows.

Reduce unnecessary worry by choosing a meeting place for you and your family so you can find one another. Another alternative is to set up some form of communication to notify each other of whereabouts and safety. Do not rely on the telephone. Phones should be reserved for emergency calls during such times.

Evacuations caused by hurricanes are uncommon in Nova Scotia, but they do happen. Know what to do when an evacuation is needed.

Emergency preparedness begins at home. When individuals and families are prepared, there’s less chance that they will need scarce community resources when an emergency occurs.

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